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I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile. I am a double major in secondary education and mathematics. It is my plan to educate in an inner city public school. I prefer to go back to my alma mater, Huffman High School in my hometown of Birmigham, Alabama. Unlike others, I am not in it for financial assistance. I want to help mold minority and low-income students into productive citizens of the future.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Racism In Our Schools...When Will We Learn?

I will start this off by asking you, the viewers, "Do you think racism is still an issue in our nation's school systems?" I know this may be a touchy subject but it is an issue I hold dear to me. I am enrolled in EDF 315, Education in a Diverse Society, here at the University of South Alabama. We have been discussing how unfair and unequal education is for minority students. In our inner city schools, where the school population is mostly non-European Americans, the curriculum does not gear towards the diverse student population.

Today our classrooms are diversified in ethnicity, race and culture.

Homophobia In Our Schools

Homophobia is leading to some catastrophic situations. Students are committing horrible acts of victimization and even murder against those students who identify as homosexual and these atudents often commit suicide to end the daily taunting and bullying they face daily. What can we do as educators? We should educate ourselves and learn more about homosexuality and share this information with students and parents alike. As educators, we should be there for these students because more often than not, they have not came out to anyone because they are afraid of the backlash. This is an example of one of the many roles we play as educators. There are valuable resources out there we can share amongst our fellow instructors. We should all do our part to embrace these students. GLBT support groups are a start and also finding ways to incorporate GLBT contributors into our curriculum can really bring it home.

The Many Roles A Teacher Plays

Whoever said the job ended with teaching a lesson, administering an exam and grading papers was ill-informed along the way. Our job ranges from counselor to confidant, from mother to educator and from disciplinarian to provider. Depending on our students backgrounds, we may have to come out of pocket for clothing, food and even supplies. No we do not have to do this but how could you not? Whatever it takes to help a child succeed we should be quick to do it. You may be the only person the child has in his or her corner. Do not let him or her down.

I Don't Know...Let's Find Out!

Too often I hear students give the excuse, "I don't know!" Our attitudes as teachers should be, "If you do not know, then LET'S FIND OUT!" When my students leave my classroom, I want them to leave with knowledge they have gained. There is no excuse for a child, even the one who sits in the very back of the classroom and sleeps or the bully, to not learn and understand something new everyday. One thing I hear students, even adults, express as being difficult are fractions. The operation of division of fractions is the biggie. Below are some helpful and useful sites to explore for help with fractions. There are also sites for other K-12 mathematics' topics.

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